Natures Organics started using ingredients derived from palm oil and palm kernel oil many years ago in order to move away from a reliance on petrochemicals and animal-derived ingredients. As cleaning and personal care manufacturers were the main users of palm-based ingredients at that time, the supply and demand for this oil was stable. The existing plantations were able to keep up with global demand without the need to encroach on the fragile and unique ecosystems coexisting alongside.

With technological advances over the last 20 years palm oil has become a cheap and renewable alternative for many other industries including food and biofuel production.  Palm oil has proven to be a high-yielding crop that contributes to poverty alleviation in developing countries. As a result, the area of palm oil plantations has been expanding at a rapid rate and is threatening tropical forests and the rights of local people and workers.

Natures Organics is actively working toward minimising our reliance on palm derived ingredients as much as technology allows at this time.  The complete removal of palm-derived ingredients from all products is the ultimate goal but is currently not a reality that we can achieve.  Whilst we have managed to remove palm-derived ingredients from some of our products, we actively continue to trial ingredients derived from cottonseed, wheat and rapeseed for those products in which palm oil still remains.  We will continue to invest in research and development into innovative, sustainable raw materials, as palm oil replacements, and implement these new ingredients/formulations when testing and stability proves successful.

In line with our environmental and social responsibility criteria, we require full traceability in our palm oil and palm kernel oil sourcing back to the plantation. We are committed to ensuring our sourcing goes a step above and beyond RSPO certification to guarantee that our ingredients are not linked with deforestation and/or human rights issues and violations.

Natures Organics are partnered with The Forest Trust (TFT), an international not-for-profit organisation, enabling us to fully trace the source of our palm oil derived ingredients through our supply chain. TFT focus on products and supply chains to bring about more responsible sourcing, helping communities and companies deliver responsible products and transforming product stories by working with the producers on the ground to find pragmatic solutions to improve practices.

Natures Organics support the lobby for all palm oil to be labeled in Australia. We believe this will encourage industry transparency and sustainability. 

Our full palm oil sourcing policy can be viewed via the below link:

For further information about The Forest Trust or the RSPO please see links below: 

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