Here are some very simple tips you can follow as an individual to make your contribution to helping our environment and prevent the waste of precious resources.

  • Recycling is one of the easiest ways you can help - but always remember to take the tops and lids off bottles and jars before placing them into the bin. This greatly assists recycling stations to use more of the materials that are collected.
  • For recycling to realistically succeed, recyclable materials must be processed into new products which are then purchased and used. By selecting items made from recycled material you are helping to ensure that recycling programs work effectively.
  • Reduce the amount of toxic or hazardous products that you use around the home. Avoid using pesticides by planting tea tree or marigolds in your garden to help repel certain insects.
  • Choose environmentally responsible cleaning products that use less chemicals.
  • Backyard composting can significantly reduce the amount of waste that we throw away into landfill and decrease the need for using artificial soil additives.
  • Take used car batteries, motor oil, antifreeze and old paint to places that collect these items for recycling, check with your local council.
  • Donate or resell old or unwanted goods instead of throwing them out.  Remember that "One mans trash is another mans treasure". Items such as towels, clothing, tools, appliances, blankets and toys can all be put to valuable use by people in need.
  • Many everyday items in your house can be reused. By ‘reusing before recycling’ items such as paper, plastic bags, envelopes, gift boxes, ribbons, bubble wrap, egg cartons, clean glass jars or bottles etc. we are extending their life and keeping them out of the solid waste stream longer. This also acts to slow down the rate at which we need to buy new consumer items.
  • Share your knowledge with others about what they can do to help. For all of our sakes, we need more education and commitment from each individual to help turn the bleak future of our planet into one that has a brighter outcome.
One man's trash is another man's treasure"