Discover Australia's Natural Miracles

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Discover Australia's Natural Miracles

Born of the beauty that surrounds us,

Organic Care is Plant Based with 100%

post consumer recycled packaging!

Discover how you can achieve 'salon

results' naturally, while respecting the 

environment that loves and nurtures us.

Organic Care is 100% Australian Made & Owned


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I have been using a brand of shampoo for more than ten years; however I was neither satisfied with my hair, nor had the guts to switch to another brand. My hair was unruly, had slow growth and no volume at all, just like a rats tail as my mum puts it. Last night I used organic care shampoo just because I had no option. When I touched my hair today, I realized that it is very smooth and silky. I checked my hair in front of the mirror and I was absolutely amazed by what I saw. My hair wasn’t unruly after only once using organic care shampoo. (To be honest I also used a deep fortifying treatment of the same brand as my previous shampoo as well, but it never gave me this result when I used it with my previous shampoo) Anyway, from now on I am using Organic Care Shampoo and hopefully will stay as satisfied as I am today!!!!
September 14 , 2013 @ 8:00pm
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I've been using Organic Care shampoo and conditioner and I absolutely love it. But one think makes me think about to use it. I'm vegan and I would like to have more information from you, using palm oil. Hope I can get an answer satisfy me and I don't have to change my shampoo, especially conditioner. Cheers
October 09 , 2013 @ 11:05am
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I started using the dry nourish ultra hydrating conditioner last year and I am totally in love with it. I'm black and of African descent and this product just softens my kinky hair its unbelievable. I noticed this conditioner lathers and feels like a shampoo on my hair as well so most times I dont need to shampoo. I wish there was a leave-in conditioner in the product range as well. I didn't expect it to work this great on my kinf of hair but it exceeds expectations. Awesome product
May 10 , 2014 @ 2:13am
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